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Personal Injury claims

The Personal Injury section of A&K lawyers is the most respected and leading section of the Southern Netherlands.
Head of the section is mr. Ferda van Benthem, one of the founders of the ‘Quality Certification Personal Injury’ in the Netherlands.
In close cooperation with our medical advisors ten specialists are working to come to the best possible solution in your case.

Some of the cases we handle

  • Accidents at work
  • Traffic accidents
  • Medical and dental accidents
  • Holiday accidents
  • Product defect accidents
  • Assault claims
  • Trip and fall accidents



The consequences of a personal injury may be far-reaching.

  • You may have financial costs, for medical treatment for example.
  • There might be an overall reduction of quality of life, as a result of physical or mental limitations
  • Perhaps you lost (parts of your) income.


It’s a specialized job to calculate the different costs you might have in the future. Together we will work on that. Not only on finding the best financial solution but, if necessary, also in starting up your life again.


By far most of the personal injury cases are solved without any interference of a judge. Costs of legal aid are in almost all cases covered by the opposite party, by his/her insurance company. It means no costs for you.









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